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I am...

  • a Problem Solver, 

  • a Story Teller &

  • a Usability Analyst

// A bit about me

With my expertise as a Certified Usability Analyst (CUA) and a strong focus on User Centric Design, User Interface Design, and Usability Research, I have successfully designed and developed large-scale enterprise systems across diverse industries like Healthcare, Finance, and Pharmaceuticals. As a recognized Usability Practitioner, Product Manager, Team Lead, Architect, and Designer, I have consistently achieved remarkable outcomes for both B2B and B2C applications, utilizing user-centered design principles to create immersive web-based experiences.


My extensive background in implementing UX Strategies, Standards, User-Centric Design Processes, and Methodologies positions me as an ideal collaborator for organizations seeking to optimize their user experiences. Throughout the product lifecycle, I excel in engaging and obtaining feedback from key stakeholders, while implementing UX best practices such as Interaction Design Pattern libraries and Style Guides. Notably, I take pride in leading teams through transformative shifts from Waterfall to Agile, and subsequently to Lean UX and Google Design Sprints, earning accolades from senior management. In managerial roles, I have successfully established, mentored, and trained User Experience teams for various organizations.


As a Service Designer, I have facilitated discovery sessions, ideation workshops, created current state journey maps, service blueprints, and concept development, alongside rapid UI sketches and future state journey maps. In the capacity of a UX Designer, I have crafted sketches, developed wireframe layouts, and ensured consistent user experiences throughout the system.


Additionally, my role as a CX Strategist has involved gathering user data, strategizing product roadmaps, developing personas, and defining design principles.  


Furthermore, as an Interaction Designer, I have created clickable prototypes, established interaction patterns, UI component libraries, and style guides.


Operating as a Product Manager, I have published product visions and roadmaps, serving as a liaison between business, marketing, development, and QA teams.

Lastly, as a UX Researcher, I have identified primary user groups, recruited representative participants, conducted research, and validated user groups.


Driven by my passion for crafting user-centered, intuitive, and captivating digital products that cater to user needs, I am eager to contribute my expertise. If you are seeking an experienced UX professional who can deliver exceptional results for your business, please feel free to reach out to me without hesitation.

// Timeline

May 2022 - Till date
Orion Innovation

May 2019 - June 2022

April 2018 - April 2019
Pershing BNY Mellon

May 2016 - March 2018
Excellis Interactive

January 2013 - April 2016
ActiveHealth Management Aetna (CVS)

February 2012 - January 2013
Pershing BNY Mellon

January 2011 - February 2012
Platts McGraw Hill (S&P)

April 2010 - December 2010

October 2009 - March 2010
ION Designs

May 2009 - September 2009
Teachers’ Retirement System of NY

July 2008 - June 2009

February 2008 - June 2008

  • Conducted interviews, surveys, and workshops with relevant stakeholders to understand their specific needs, preferences, and pain points.

  • Developed a Feasibility, Desirability, and Viability evaluation framework to objectively assess and compare solutions based on predefined criteria.

  • Spearheaded a comparative market analysis to assess competitor applications that meet the identified requirements and evaluated them against the scoring matrix to determine their suitability.

  • Proposed a recommended solution that addressed the identified gaps, aligned with the client's goals, and fulfilled the evaluation criteria based on the evaluation and analysis.

  • Consolidated all the evaluation results, analysis, and recommendations into a comprehensive report and prepared an executive presentation to effectively communicate the findings to various stakeholders.

  • Managed and prioritized a backlog of features and stories for the team ensuring its effectiveness, and alignment with identified solution.

  • Facilitated Design Sprints / Design Thinking sessions with stakeholders, users, development and product team members.

  • Developed service blueprints, current state journey maps, persona, future state maps and concepts that enabled senior leadership on strategy and plan product roadmap.

  • Played critical role in translating design concepts into detailed functional interactive prototypes, partnered with Engineering teams to convert those to actual products that works across all form factors.

  • Accomplished the development of a new Design System beneficial for cross-disciplinary teams. Nurtured the Design Thinking culture and grew a UX practice.

  • Recognized as leader and team member in all the aspects of a project from research phase, workshops, ideating, interaction design and prototyping.

Lead Service Designer

Manager UX Design

Lead UX Designer

Sr. UX Designer

Sr. UX Designer

UX Designer

UI Designer

Lead UI Designer

UI Designer

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